About Us

Mabel Gonzalez - Master Esthetician

To talk about aesthetics and beauty is to talk about Mabel González.  Having more than 30 years of dedication and specialization in skin care makes this indisputable.

Her creative spirit and impetus drove her to deepen her knowledge, starting in her home country of Venezuela,  from where she emigrated to the USA more than 15 years ago, and earned the title of Master Esthetician and Instructor.

The passion for her profession and the uninterrupted pursuit of the best formulas, techniques, protocols, and her exclusive Aqua Peel System, have resulted in her own innovative line of skin care products, Mabel Skin Care.

Latin, enterprising and adventurous!  If something distinguishes her career it is her Caribbean personality, kind and friendly, and her faultless professionalism.  The value of excellence keeps her in constant learning mode, always investigating the latest technology.

Her hands caress your face, but above all they know what your skin needs!

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