Sun Damage Treatment

Excessive exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can cause severe side effects on the skin including sunburn, dry skin, skin wrinkling and the formation of age spots. Sun exposure can reduce the levels of proteins called elastin and collagen in the skin. These proteins are necessary for tight and healthy-looking skin. At Mabel Beauty Care Medi-Spa in Calgary, Alberta, we specialize in Deep Skin Exfoliation treatments in combination with Collagen Therapy to combat sun damage.

Deep Skin Exfoliation
Deep Exfoliation includes any or all of the following treatments:

-Mechanical removal of damaged outer skin cells using an abrasive tool such as microdermabrasion.

-Chemical Peels work by detaching the outer sun-damaged layer of skin from the layers beneath. This allows new skin cells to grow in the sun-damaged skin’s place. Chemical peels vary in depth and intensity from strong phenol peels to milder alpha or beta hydroxy acid peels.

-Vegetable Peels are powerful treatments for texturizing the skin, making the skin clear, smooth and fresh. It has been used in the treatment of sun damage, restoring health and beauty to the skin. The herbal extracts not only help to heal and soothe the skin, but also aid the regeneration of new cells.

Sun Damage treatments are supported by follow up applications of our prestigious quality personal skin care products to improve skin texture and tone, as well as improve the overall general condition of the skin.​​​​​